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May 2014: Monthly Topic

Center for Pediatric Therapy

Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here!

Time to get started with spring cleaning indoors and out.

Many children benefit from proprioceptive input (gained by pushing, pulling, lifting, crashing, dragging, squeezing, etc.) which assists them in achieving and maintaining a regulated state.

Here are some ways to involve your children in the process.

Make the activities fun! Put on some music and have a reward planned for everyone  when the day’s work is done. (Ice cream, anyone?)

Keep in mind your child’s age and safety awareness and keep potentially harmful cleaning products out of reach.

Inside, have your child:

  • Pull the comforters and blankets off the beds so that they can be washed.
  • Help you flip and rotate mattresses.
  • Move furniture in order to do a good vacuuming.
  • Remove and stack cushions so that you can clean the couch – let them keep any spare change as a tip!
  • Pull around a laundry basket in order to gather all the toys and books around the house.  Then stack/organize where they belong!
  • Carry a box around the house in order to hunt for all the winter gear (hats, gloves, boots, etc.) that need to be stored.

Outdoors, have your child:

  • Use a push broom to sweep the driveway. If your child needs help organizing this task, use sidewalk chalk to draw a circle and give your child a target.
  • Hang area rugs on a clothesline to hit with a broom or tennis racket.
  • Push a wheelbarrow around the yard to pick up debris or drag a tarp to clean up leaves after raking.
  • Pull a wagon to distribute mulch or bring new plants to the correct spot.
  • Pull up weeds – make sure you help them identify weeds vs. desired plants.
  • Carry a watering can to water the plants instead of using a hose.
  • Can your child have their own garden area to dig and plant?

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