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Things to Think About – January Snow Days

Snow days are here!

It’s fun to go outside – but if you can’t get outside, indoor activities that provide heavy work (proprioception) are great for keeping the kids regulated.

Think of activities where your child can:

push, pull, tug, lug, mush, mash, squish, drag, squeeze, jump, crash….


Build a Fort

Many kids will start to feel the stress of the change in routine, different foods/smells, noise, and the hub-bub of the holidays. Possible signs of this stress: meltdowns, stomach or headaches, or just plain irritable.  Creating a cozy spot is great for the kids to “get away” from the hub-bub of the holidays.  And building the fort provides great heavy work opportunities – moving furniture, carrying the bedding, lifting, pulling, pushing, tucking, etc. are all great input!


Indoor Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course with steps like jumping over a pillow, crawling under a row of chairs, catching a weighted ball, or tossing balled up socks to a target or into a laundry basket. Feeling stuck for steps?  Find objects to go over, under, around, and through. Make sure your child helps to set-up and clean-up for extra heavy work input.


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