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Things to Think About – Halloween Tips

Halloween is a tricky time for kids with sensory difficulties!

AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association) offers the attached Halloween Tips.

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Other suggestions that our parents have found helpful:

  • Tolerating a Costume:  A tight-fitting layer of clothing, such as bike shorts or an Under Armour style shirt, may make the material of the costume more bearable. Be willing to adjust your definition of a costume; a pair of comfortable sweatpants and a favorite Batman shirt can be a great Batman costume.
  • Tolerating a Mask:  Attach a wooden dowel or paint stick so he can hold it up near his face rather than attaching it to his head.
  • Need to Remain Calm:
    • Add a few water bottles to your child’s candy bag to provide some extra weighted input.
    • Chew a large piece of gum to chew (if he is already proficient at safe gum chewing) or drink from a sports style water bottle.
    • If see your child is starting to become dysregulated, stop and have a sensory break. Move away from the crowd and do some deep breathing techniques, wall push-ups against a tree, press his palms together at chest level, or take a few sips of water. Ask your therapist for other ideas that may benefit your child.
  • Having a Positive Experience:  Be flexible. If your child is done after only a few houses, end the night on a positive note rather than pushing him to his limits.



Things to Think About – October Reminders!

Wash the Clothes

It’s time for long sleeves and pants. But they have been in a plastic bag, bin, or untouched in a drawer for 5 months! Those of us with sensory sensitivities will be distressed or bothered by the “smell” of the clothes. Even though they are clean, give them a quick wash.

Academic Stress

The kids have been in school for a month and the academic demands are really starting to kick in! Many kids will start to feel the stress of the increased pace and cognitive demands. Possible signs of this stress: meltdowns, stomach or headaches, or just plain irritable. Give them some down time when they come home in a cozy place, get outside and move around (even a walk is helpful to decompress), and don’t forget the heavy work activities to get calm and organized.

It’s Cold at Night!

We go to bed in summer pajamas and a light blanket but by the early morning hours, it gets cold! With the quick change in temperature, those with sensory sensitivities might not sleep well or may toss and turn trying to feel “grounded” in the bed. Make the bed a cozy place where the child can snuggle in and get comfy. Check with your therapist for age specific, safe ways to help your child get a good night’s sleep.

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Jan 2017: New Co-Pay Implementation – Tara testifies

Co-Pay Ruling Goes Into Effect:  Jan 1, 2017

CT HB 5249 – An Act Concerning Co-payments for Occupational Therapy Services

State HB5249 Picture

Tara testified at the state, alongside Sue Goszewski (Connecticut OT Association President), Viginia Ells (Certified Hand Therapist – OT), and Dawn (the parent of a child who benefited from occupational therapy).  The new cap on co-payments for occupational therapy service to be $30 for CT commercial insurance plans.

CPT Hosts ASRC Parent Seminar

Last night, Tara Glennon shared the Wallingford clinic with parents…and, yes, they played with so many things!  The CT Autism Resource Center (http://www.autismconnecticut.org/) offered this training session to help parents understand the sensory needs of their children and identify which activities could be incorporated into their daily routines to support these sensory needs.  The parents experienced tactile activities (e.g., ball pit, pillow pile), movement experiences (e.g., the zip line and swings), and generated ideas for heavy work activities.  While learning, the parents seemed to have fun….

ASRC Parent Seminar 8ASRC Parent Seminar 1

ASRC Parent Seminar 7ASRC Parent Seminar 6ASRC Parent Seminar 4ASRC Parent Seminar 5ASRC Parent Seminar 9ASRC Parent Seminar 3

Tara on ASD Fitness Center Advisory Board

Tara has been serving on the advisory board of a new venture for teens and young adults on the autism spectrum – the ASD Fitness Center (http://asdfitnesscenter.com/).  The fitness center opened in April 2014 and has been expanding their services since that time.  Look for the annual Bethany Leapley Scholarship Fund to assist individuals who are unable to afford the cost of joining the fitness center.

ASD Fitness Center Advisory Board Jan 2014

The ASD Fitness Center Advisory Board