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Things to Think About – October Reminders!

Wash the Clothes

It’s time for long sleeves and pants. But they have been in a plastic bag, bin, or untouched in a drawer for 5 months! Those of us with sensory sensitivities will be distressed or bothered by the “smell” of the clothes. Even though they are clean, give them a quick wash.

Academic Stress

The kids have been in school for a month and the academic demands are really starting to kick in! Many kids will start to feel the stress of the increased pace and cognitive demands. Possible signs of this stress: meltdowns, stomach or headaches, or just plain irritable. Give them some down time when they come home in a cozy place, get outside and move around (even a walk is helpful to decompress), and don’t forget the heavy work activities to get calm and organized.

It’s Cold at Night!

We go to bed in summer pajamas and a light blanket but by the early morning hours, it gets cold! With the quick change in temperature, those with sensory sensitivities might not sleep well or may toss and turn trying to feel “grounded” in the bed. Make the bed a cozy place where the child can snuggle in and get comfy. Check with your therapist for age specific, safe ways to help your child get a good night’s sleep.

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