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Darien: (203) 424-2584
Fairfield: (203) 255-3669
Wallingford: (203) 949-9337

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Contact Us Today to Schedule an Appointment

To ask a question, make an appointment, or schedule an evaluation, it is easiest to call the receptionist at one of our three offices:
Darien at 455 Post Road: (203) 424-2584   
Fairfield at 55 Walls Drive: (203) 255-3669   
Wallingford at 101 N. Plains Industrial Road: (203) 949-9337   

Please call if you have possible concerns about your child. We can talk through some of your questions and figure out if your child would benefit from an evaluation. Our evaluations process will help to determine the best course of action and type of therapy for your child. From speech therapy and feeding therapy to sensory integration and behavioral therapy, our team of developmental specialists are proud to help children across Darien, Fairfield, Westport, Wallingford, CT, and the surrounding communities.