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Pediatric Therapy Evaluations
for Fairfield, Westport, and Wallingford, CT

If you are interested in having your child evaluated, call our office to schedule an appointment.

We work with many insurance companies and offer a private pay option. If accessing your insurance, CPT will work with you to obtain the needed paperwork from your child’s doctor.

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During the evaluation, a combination of parent interview, clinical observations, and standardized assessments will be administered to determine your child’s current level of functioning. Additionally, we ask that you complete our “new patient” packet and bring it with you to your appointment.

Areas to be evaluated may include:

  • motor skills: fine and gross motor
  • sensory integration and sensory processing
  • feeding and oral motor skills
  • body in space awareness
  • motor planning
  • visual motor skills
  • strength and endurance
  • coordination and balance
  • activities of daily living
  • bilateral coordination
  • handwriting performance
  • speech production
  • articulation
  • receptive and expressive language
  • pragmatics
  • neuromuscular status
  • gait analysis

The evaluation will take approximately one hour to complete. Results from the assessment will be reviewed at the end of the evaluation with recommendations for treatment if warranted. Your child can begin treatment once authorized by the insurance. Our front desk will communicate with your insurance company and let you know if your child can begin therapy immediately or if CPT needs to submit additional paperwork for authorization (insurance companies can take another 2 weeks to authorize).

The frequency of your child’s therapy will be determined by the results of the evaluation. Typically, therapy is recommended to occur one to two times per week. Therapy sessions are designed around your child’s individualized plan of care to enhance his current level of functioning. At the Center for Pediatric Therapy, our development specialist will address your child’s specific needs. Our pediatric sensory therapy, speech therapy, behavioral therapy, feeding therapy, and autism therapy are conducted within our fully equipped clinics across the Darien, Fairfield, Westport, and Wallingford, CT area. Detailed home exercise programs are an important component of the therapeutic process and are incorporated into the home and community settings.

The evaluation will be mailed to you and shared with your pediatrician or any other professional that you request. The format for the written report is determined by your insurance carrier. A brief, check off format is completed for those carriers that require prior authorization for services. Contact us today to discuss the concerns you have with your child and schedule an evaluation with one of our offices.