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Things to Think About – Halloween Tips

Halloween is a tricky time for kids with sensory difficulties!

AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association) offers the attached Halloween Tips.

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Other suggestions that our parents have found helpful:

  • Tolerating a Costume:  A tight-fitting layer of clothing, such as bike shorts or an Under Armour style shirt, may make the material of the costume more bearable. Be willing to adjust your definition of a costume; a pair of comfortable sweatpants and a favorite Batman shirt can be a great Batman costume.
  • Tolerating a Mask:  Attach a wooden dowel or paint stick so he can hold it up near his face rather than attaching it to his head.
  • Need to Remain Calm:
    • Add a few water bottles to your child’s candy bag to provide some extra weighted input.
    • Chew a large piece of gum to chew (if he is already proficient at safe gum chewing) or drink from a sports style water bottle.
    • If see your child is starting to become dysregulated, stop and have a sensory break. Move away from the crowd and do some deep breathing techniques, wall push-ups against a tree, press his palms together at chest level, or take a few sips of water. Ask your therapist for other ideas that may benefit your child.
  • Having a Positive Experience:  Be flexible. If your child is done after only a few houses, end the night on a positive note rather than pushing him to his limits.